Customer Service

The phrase “customer service” has multiple meaning today. At USA Scooters, we take customer satisfaction seriously so our service is tailored to the needs of the customer.

To Ship or Not to Ship

Our goal is to assure we have a happy customer at the end of the sale. If the customer wants his scooter shipped to him, shipping is precisely what we provide from the nearest regional distribution center. This is the “direct ship option”. The “direct ship” option can be made with the following ancillary services when desired.

We uncrate it

We Inspect its safety and ease of operation.

Test drive it (3-mile minimum)

However; we believe there is a distinct advantage to preassembly at our local distribution center.
Preassembly is completed by a trained and certified in power sports technician. Not only do we speak the technical language to power sports but we do so in English as well as Spanish.

Quality Control

In addition to total physical and safety inspections; we create and itemized list of all the pieces, parts, and components to easily reassure the customer that his purchases are complete per manufacturer’s intent.


The manufacturer’s warranty is honored for a period of 90 days and 5 years depending on the item purchased. Do ask us about your warranty. This warranty is in place for products assembled by a licensed and authorized dealer like USA Scooters Online. With this assembly, the warranty is 30 days or less. Please refer to the manufacturers’ warranty page.

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