Bearing Information:

A lot of information about bearings can be determined from their part number. Most of the bearings that we sell are deep groove ball bearings, which have a four digit part number sometimes followed by a suffix that indicates the type of seal (if any). The first digit is always a six which defines the type of bearing (deep groove ball bearing) The second digit indicates the series/sizing code and the last two digits can be used to determine the bore/inner diameter. For example, a common bearing is the 6200-ZZ bearing. This bearing part number can be broken down as follows: 6200-ZZ: 6 = type code 2 = series 00 = bore ZZ = suffix Type Codes: 1 = self-aligning ball bearing 16 = thin section single-row deep groove ball bearing 2 = wide self-aligning ball bearing 22 = self-aligning roller bearing 23 = wide self-aligning roller bearing 3 = double-row angular contact ball bearing 4 = double-row ball bearing 5 = thrust ball bearing 6 = single-row deep groove ball bearing 7 = single-row angular contact bearing Series (Identifies the relative weight of the bearing): 0 = extra light 1 = extra light thrust 2 = light 3 = medium 4 = heavy Bore a.k.a. Inner Diameter (in millimeters) The bore size is figured by multiplying the sum of the third and fourth digits by 5. *** Please note that there are exceptions to this rule discussed below *** Example:6004-2RS bearing Step 1: add the third and fourth digits together (underlined above). Step 2: multiply the number that you get from Step 1 by 5. For this example, you should get 20, which is the inner diameter of this bearing in millimeters. *** Exceptions to the rule *** For numbers 0 through 3 there is no math required. 00 = 10mm bore 01 = 12mm bore 02 = 15mm bore 03 = 17mm bore Suffix (Indicates the type of seal) Z = single side of bearing is sealed with metal ZZ = both sides of bearing are sealed with metal RS = single side of bearing is sealed with rubber 2RS = both sides of bearing are sealed with rubber *If there is no suffix the bearing is not sealed on either side Other Designations C3 = This marking indicates a radial internal clearance greater than the standard clearance. C3 bearings are usually fitted to equipment where there are large temperature differences between the inner and outer rings, therefore, sufficient clearance is needed to avoid early bearing failure. x (following the bore) = indicates a special internal design (e.g. x1, x2, x3)

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